LappOne  is the only tour operator to fully cherish authentic Lapland, far from mass tourism. The 

LappOne is a swedish company, made up of italians who live in Lapland 

Make LappOne your tour operator of choice when visiting LaplandHöga Kusten (the Gate of Lapland) and the Nordic Countries!

Our mission is to provide an innovative, exclusive, comfortable and tailor-made service to people who want to discover the hidden corners, special taste or curious sights of the Nordic Countries, away from mass tourism routes.

Our base is the Tornio River Valley, a hidden paradise free from mass tourism, located at the border between Finland and Sweden. We also run expeditions to North Cape, both in summer and in winter.

It all began when four friends, with the North as a second home, became business partners and fulfilled the dream of a lifetime: sharing with you the beauty of this fantastic region, where all five senses are triggered in a unique and unforgettable way.

Our packages contain unique features for your exclusive enjoyment. We offer activities that no other tour operator can arrange, thanks to our deep knowledge of the territory.

We normally arrange our tours in co-operation with local partners. These are almost always family-run, small-size companies, who will do their utmost in order to make you feel home during your stay, and will offer you a genuine glimpse of life close to the Arctic Circle.

Our staff has extensive experience of the area we operate in, and we love our job as much as you’ll love your holiday. We are sure since we have personally tried all our tours before we even put them out for sale.

Let the five senses of Lapland surround you, for a feeling you will want to experience again!

Welcome to Lapland with LappOne – the five senses of Lapland 

Meet our team:

After a 17-year career in a famous Finnish multinational company, I have moved from my hometown in Italy to Lapland in order to fulfil my lifelong dream: through my work, I want to show the world the hidden beauty of this incredible land. A certified project manager, I have proudly run LappOne since 2011. When I am not with my three children, I have fun dipping in the frozen Tornio river waters, and shooting pictures of Arctic landscapes and northern lights.
Marketing & Sales B2B

A native of Florence, Italy, I have had a 13-year career as a netmodel and cosplayer, achieving world fame. After quitting modelling, I have worked for three years as a freelance photographer, specializing in night and Arctic landscape. My work has been exhibited in Rome, Paris and New York. I joined LappOne in 2017, and while in the office I run marketing, IT, web site and social network development, as well as manage resellers in Italy. When groups come by, I wear my tour leader hat, and enjoy seeing our customers take great pictures of Lapland. I spend about six months a year in Lapland, and the remaining time in my native town of Florence. My work usually depicts small human figures, lost in large, mesmerizing landscapes.

Operations Manager

Originally from Naples, Italy, I became interested in Finland thanks to my passion for metal music. I like the country so much that I graduated in Finnish language and culture mediation, with a thesis work on my favourite metal band. I moved to Lapland after my graduation in 2016, and joined LappOne in 2017. In the office I work as sales manager, whilst on the field I lead groups in those safaris and activities where Finnish language knowledge is required. I still have a passion for music, and often attend concerts in the area.

Sales & Website

I decided to study foreign languages at the university when I was a kid, because I didn't like the idea of not understanding some stuff. I studied Scandinavian Languages at the university because I didn't like the idea of not understanding my favourite bands' lyrics. I moved to Stockholm in 2018 and in the LappOne team I am in charge of the sales to private customers and the web-management. In my spare team, I enjoy teaching italian to swedes and managing the fanclub of my favourite band. 

Online Sales

I come from Roma, but I have always been in love with the Arctic. In 2016, I chose this wonderful landscapes to celebrate my wedding and I joined LappOne's team in 2018. When I am not tour leading, you can find walking around with my lovely dogs, Stjärna and Isbjörn.

Meet our professional photographers (click on their names to get to their web sites):