Feel welcome by the Lappish people, probably the most hospitable in the Nordics.

Feel the adrenaline of a downhill ski, of a whitewater rafting descent, of a snowmobile trip in the forest.

Feel the cosyness of your wooden cottage after a long day’s hike, or the warmth of your host serving you the cake she has just made.

Let the enchanting air of our region envelope you, for a feeling you will want to experience again!


Fish, meat and berries. Make your choise in the restaurant or in the forest around the fire.

Elk, reindeer, meat balls, lax (salmon), sik (whitefish), palt (potato dumplings), Jansson’s temptation (potato and sardine dish), tunnbröd and polar kaka (local bread), lingon berries, cloud berries, surströmming (fermeted Baltic herring), kaviar, yogurts and fermented milk.


The amazing changing: four season, four different landscape.


Smell the caracteristic odor of a paper mill. Smell, if you can, the stink of a delicious Surströmming, a northern Swedish dish consisting of fermented Baltic herring.


Hear the roar of the river rapids in the middle of the spring, after the ice has melted.

Hear the sound of the Northern Lights in the still polar nights.

Hear the sound of your feet pressing the snow while walking with your snowshoes.

Hear yourself breathe, for there is no other sound around you.