Magical Christmas in Lapland

Christmas in Lapland

Celebrate a traditional Christmas in Lapland,
in an exclusive location away from mass tourism

Group departures: 6-10, 13-17 and 22-26 December 2019

Min 4 max 12 people, English-speaking tour guides

The unique colours witnessed during northern lights – ©Francesca Dani

This is not a trip for everyone. It is specifically designed for those, like you, who despise mass tourism attractions. Unfortunately, Christmas tours in Lapland have become extremely commercial, and leave little to tradition, culture, charme and peace.

For these reasons, we have devised Magical Christmas – a tour that lets you experience the way locals in Lapland celebrate the year’s most important festivity.

Magical Christmas means fetching a tree from the wood nearby your lodge, and decorating it altogether. It means learning typical recipes, while we wait for Jultomten, the real Santa, who lives in an inaccessible cave and comes straight to our place to deliver presents – just like happens in every house in Lapland.

All this while you’re surrounded by a unique atmosphere, made of dim lights, memorable food, white landscapesa and the Northern Lights, which you may be able to observe straight from the courtyard of your wooden cottage, thanks to our location far away from light pollution. And most importantly, in a resort devoted exclusively to our group – no mass tourism around!

Live unique emotions on a husky safari! (©Stefano Tiozzo & LappOne)

The tour unfolds in the pristine Tornio River Valley, at the border of Sweden and Finland, a land rich in history, landscapes, culture and unique traditions – it even boasts its own language!

Come and join us in Lapland during Christmas! We will do our best to make your stay unforgettable.


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