Dawn at midday – winter tour to North Cape

A guided tour till the end of your imagination!
Search for the last horizon in an extreme winter experience


Winter tour to North Cape

Departures in January and February 2019
(Small groups: 6 – 10 people)

Photographing the unreal midday light in the island of Magerøya – ©Stefano Tiozzo

A cultural and photographic tour to the ultimate horizon

North Cape: every traveller’s dream destination. The challenge: travel there in the winter, when the sun hardly rises above the horizon.

Thanks to our experience, we at LappOne – the Five Senses of Lapland have devised this unique tour, thought for those who want to undertake the ultimate winter experience.

Alba di Mezzogiorno - viaggio a Capo Nord in inverno
Our cottages in the island of Magerøya – ©Stefano Tiozzo

We’ll start our on-the-road experience in Lapland, and will reach Magerøyathe Northernmost island in Europe. We will stay in the fishermen village of Gjesværthe only place in Europe with certified Viking origins, as it was mentioned in the Heimskringla saga. This will be our base for the trip to our final goal: North Cape. The weather-ravaged road that leads there was built in1977, and the last bit is only accessible with a convoy.

This tour is also a great way to know the Sàmi communities of Karasjok and Karigasniemi, at the border between Finland and Norway. A husky safari with the legendary Sven Engholm, 11 times winner of the Finnmarksløpet race, and a snowmobile safari together with a local herder to the hills where reindeer roam freely complete this incredible tour.

The road to North Cape – ©Giovanni Gambacciani

The tour is led by an experienced tour leader with great knowledge of the territory. A professional photographer ensures you can always take the right shot in spite of the ever-changing light conditions.

Group size: min 6 max 10 people.
Prices start: €2490 + flights.
The tour requires good physical conditions due to the extreme weather.

Join us for the trip of your lifetime! For information and reservations: info@lappone.com or +358408823975.