Client feedback

Here is a selection of feedback notes that we have received from our customers.

  1. Our Tour Operator LappOne has had the excellent idea of hiring local guides for most of the activities. The presence of a guide has improved the quality massively. Moreover, neither my wife nor I speak English or Swedish, but our Italian-speaking tour lead has made up for our ignorance, translating with endless patience everything we listened to and everything we asked for. Thanks LappOne, for this, too!
    Anonymous customer, Italy, August 2012 – The Lappish Holiday of Your Dreams.
  2. The typical Lappish dinner has been brought to our cottage and cooked in front of us, while we relaxed in front of the fireplace. If a negative must be found, it would be about the large portions, which forced us to leave some of this delicious food over.
    Gabriele and Carla, Italy, June 2012 – Towards the Midnight Sun.
  3. We landed in Örnsköldsvik, capital of the Höga Kusten region, where our Into the Wild adventures took place. The first surprise was to find nobody waiting for us at the airport, a small but nice-looking building located in the middle of the forest. After a couple of minutes, an old cart appears, with its slow pace, pulled by only one horse, which we then found was called Miss Carmencita. […] An original and unexpected way to welcome us, prelude to a holiday which has been […] like a flash, a quick taste of a different world, where silence, order, cleanliness and peace of mind (but by no means boredom) reign.
    Davide, Gianni and Ada, Italy, August 2012 – Into the Wild.
  4. An employee of LappOne […] has faithfully and gracefully accompanied us along the whole journey, guiding and translating for us, eventually becoming our friend, discreetly but concretely, like no other tour operator had ever done in our long travelling history. Had it not been for him and another LappOne employee, who has been a real “artist” in tailoring the trip according to our needs, […] we would have never been able to start writing the introduction to this book about our “Lappish Dream”, and go back to Italy with a definite desire to go back in the coming years.
    Bruno and Adriana, Italy, August 2012 – The Lappish Holiday of your Dreams.
  5. It’s hard to be back to work after such a great trip…thanks for your lovely assistance throughout our trip. I will bring the colours, the sounds and the silence of Lapland with me in 2013. Happy and successful New Year!
    Ilaria, Italy, January 2013 – Double New Year in Lapland.
  6. With LappOne you can live the same experience as if you had old friends from Lapland, who take you around to their homeland, and who envelop you in their culture. Not to be missed.
    Angela, Manuela, Giorgio and Cristiano, Italy, January 2013 – Double New Year in Lapland.